Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center

Peace Works

The past two summers an Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) committee has worked to recover and preserve the history of the deeply missed PeaceWorks public television show. The show began in 1984 as Plowshares and Pruning Hooks and took the name PeaceWorks in 1988. It ran regularly on Indianapolis’ American  Cablevision network and was shown in Indianapolis and five other Indiana cities. PeaceWorks was sponsored and produced by the IPJC. Its shows featured commentary and criticism of current events of both a local and national scope. PeaceWorks ran until 1996 when the city permitted public access television to be dropped from its contract with cable companies. channel. 

The Peaceworks Restoration Project is working to preserve the approximately televised 500 shows in a digital format. It has moved a sample of these shows onto the internet, where anyone can access them by visiting and then searching that archive for shows under the "PeaceWorks" key word. 

In July, the Project also tapped the first new PeaceWorks in almost 15 years. It highlights a recent peace demonstration outside Fort Benjamin Harrison State Parks, sponsored by the Indiana Peace & Justice Network. That show, already available on, soon will also be hosted on this site and be the first of the IPJC's many new PeaceWorks productions. In the meantime, try clicking on the "vintage" PeaceWorks show below.